The most powerful income structure ever devised


Network marketing with Avon is one of the most powerful income structures ever devised.

There has never been, in the history of Network Marketing, an opportunity like the one Avon are offering to ambitious or business minded people to build and run their very own Avon business throughout the UK. Avon are the world's leading Direct Selling Companybut couple that with the highly lucrative and powerful Network Marketing income structure - it really is a winning formula.

As an Avon Sales Leader you will find, train and support your very own team of Avon Representatives and also other Avon Sales Leaders for extra profits. In fact, the process of networking or introducing people to Avon is responsible for the company's growth and you will be rewarded accordingly for the effort you put into it. The potential incomes with this opportunity are staggering as Network Marketing throughout the world has produced more millionaires than any other single industry.

Network Marketing, often referred to as MLM (multi level marketing) is a business model where by a company distributes its product by a sales force that is paid entirely on commissions. Distributors of the company sell products to a small customer base through word of mouth and referrals, etc.

The Avon sales representative earns money both on sales they personally generate and a smaller commission on sales from anyone that they recruit into the business. Network marketing offers the everyday person the opportunity to own their own business at a fraction of the cost that a new business built from the ground up would.

MLM is sometimes referred to as direct selling. The entire industry is regulated by the DSA and has to follow strict codes of conduct and best practices. In layman's terms, the answer to "What is network marketing?" is quite simple. It is the greatest business model for the average person ever created!

We also work alongside our trusted Avon Partners who also offer great opportunities to become an Avon representative in different areas of the UK.

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