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Online selling is growing very quickly so building an income from AVON online has never been easier.

On average the customer spend is higher than buying direct from the brochure. People have a lot more time to browse online these days so they spend more time looking online at the brochure.

Your Online Store comes with everything you need to sell online. It is updated every month with the latest brochure and offers automatically. 

Customers get FREE Delivery on any orders placed when they spend £20 meaning AVON will deliver directly to your customer for FREE but YOU still earn commission! 


AVON Social is a FREE way you can keep social with your AVON business. 

AVON Social links to your social media and posts on a schedule every day for you. Don't worry about creating content, images or # AVON social has it covered! 


As well as the online store we now have the instant brochure.

This is great because statistics show over 65% of the UK are on watsapp.

With the instant brochure you can share each brochure link instantly to your contacts, share the link on your broadcast message and friends and family can instantly see what they want to order from the brochure.
All they do is add the items to their basket, confirm what they want and send to you via watsapp. AVON do all the work by giving you the product numbers, items they want to order, individual price and even the total. So before you even get your starter kit from AVON you may even have orders via watsapp or your online store. What a way to start your Avon business!

The best part it - AVON will even deliver for you if the customer opts for direct delivery.

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