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As an Independent AVON Sales Representative you are the vital link between the company and the customer. You will be selling high quality, great value AVON products backed by a no quibble guarantee. AVON is a brand everyone knows so the hard sell is not necessary!

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As an AVON representative you can work your business your way by using only the brochures, online only or a mixture of both to get the most out of your AVON business.

The earning potential is unlimited as you earn up to 32% commission on orders you collect in. You can now become an online only seller and be paid commission directly into your bank once a week!

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Why not become an Avon sales representative or sales leader in the Bramhope area? We have many Avon representative and sales leadership opportunities in the Bramhope area.

Bramhope is a village located in West Yorkshire, England. The place-name Bramhope appears first in the Domesday Book of 1086 as Brahop and Bramhop, with later medieval spellings including Bramhop(a) and Bramhop(p)e. The name seems to derive from the Old English words brōm 'broom' and hōp 'a small valley, side-valley off a larger valley', here referring to a small valley off Wharfedale, probably the one through which flows Bramhope Beck.

In 1086, Bramhope was the manor of an Anglo-Saxon thegn, Uchill. In 1095 the manor passed to the Percy family, and in 1165 was sold to Ralph de Bramhope. In the 13th century the monasteries owned much of the land and had granges where sheep were grazed. The monks used tracks, such as Scotland Lane and Staircase Lane, as they travelled from their outlying granges to Kirkstall Abbey. The village had a small population until the 20th century. The Black Death of 1348-09 reduced the number of adults to 34.

If you are interested in becoming a local area representative for a location in Bramhope, please get in touch by clicking this button.

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