Here Are Some Guaranteed Ways to Increase Your Avon Customers

22 September 2022

If you want to make more money selling Avon products, it’s crucial to increase the number of your customers. This is often easier said than done, however. These days, dozens of brands offer similar products, and many Avon reps wonder what they can do to win over customers.

Here, we’ll go over what you can do to make the most of the Avon business opportunity and increase your earnings. We’ll also offer valuable tips on how to get Avon customers online.

How to Find Avon Customers

Provide Excellent Avon Customer Service

Your Avon customer service can make or break your chances of turning a potential customer into a loyal, long-term customer. What does this mean? That you should do everything in your power to answer potential customers’ questions, get their information and orders, and ensure the entire process goes smoothly.

Letting potential customers wait for a reply for a few days usually results in them giving up on the order or going to someone else. Top-notch Avon customer service should always be your priority, especially in the beginning. If you just became a representative, providing exceptional service can go a long way as your existing customers will spread the word around and attract more people. On the other hand, bad Avon customer service will not only cost you your current customers but will also lower your chances of finding new customers.

Give Out Avon Sample Packs

Many people are sceptical about ordering products from a brochure or on the internet because they can’t try them on in person before the purchase. This especially goes for make-up products because the shades can sometimes look different in the brochure than in person. There’s a way to turn the odds in your favour and allow your customers to sample the products before the purchase: Avon sample packs.

Avon offers samples of its products to its reps. Reps can purchase them at a low price and share them with their customers. Once the customers see you went the extra mile to help them make a decision, they’ll be more likely to place an order.

Set Up an Online Store

While door-to-door selling has its advantages, many are shifting toward e-commerce. This is no surprise since purchasing products online is much more convenient and time-saving. Avon reps can take advantage of the digital era we live in and set up their online store.

Besides working from the comfort of your home, having an Avon online store has many other perks:

  • Flexible hours
  • No Avon customer order form (online customers order directly from your store, and you don’t have to fill out the Avon customer order form like with brochure customers)
  • Share the store on social networks
  • Detailed insight into your order history, pending orders, and commission

Avon has come up with a platform for its representatives’ online stores. In just a few clicks, you can set up and manage your online store, learn more about new products, and view online brochures. If you were wondering how to get Avon customers online, setting up an online store is one of the best strategies.

Start With Your Family and Friends

Avon sells hundreds of products, from shower gels and soaps to necklaces and scarves. Make a list of everyone you know and consider their needs and preferences. Think of them as your Avon customer leads and pitch them different products from the brochure. It’s likely these mock-up Avon customer leads will turn into actual customers, which can turn out well for both parties. You’ll expand your network, and they’ll purchase the products they frequently use at great prices.

Ask your family and friends to tell the people they know you’ve started selling Avon products. This will help you gain more Avon customer leads and eventually increase the number of your customers.

Know the Products

If you want to take advantage of the Avon business opportunity and gain more customers, you must know the products you’re selling.

Here’s an example. You’re doing door-to-door selling and came across a woman interested in purchasing an eye cream that targets puffiness. However, she’s not 100% sure which one she wants because there are numerous options in the brochure. As a seller, you should be able to help the woman make the right choice and explain why specific eye cream is the best option for her. If you can’t do this and say something vague or tell her to choose on her own, you’ll appear uninterested or lazy. The lady will feel like she didn’t do her research well, and she might change her mind about ordering the product.

Avon offers training to its representatives where you’ll have the opportunity to learn more about different products. Plus, the company has a learning hub with detailed product information. While reading about Avon products can help you build your knowledge, the best way to get to know the products is to actually use them. By testing the products yourself, you’ll learn their ins and outs. You can use your personal experience to recommend products to your customers.

Always Keep a Brochure With You

If you decided you want to sell Avon products in person, your brochure is your shop. You don’t want to miss an opportunity to sell a product, so you should always keep a brochure with you. This allows you to pitch a product to a potential customer at any time, regardless of your location.

Call Avon Customer Service Number for Reps

Whether you just started your Avon representative career or have years of experience, you may have some work-related questions. The Avon customer service number for reps allows the representatives to get answers to their questions or concerns. If you’re struggling with a certain aspect of your job, feel free to call the number.

Take Advantage of the Avon Business Opportunity

Spreading your customer network is one of the many steps towards making more money as an Avon representative. Keep in mind that this doesn’t happen overnight. If you want long-term results, you need to work hard and be persistent. Whether you were wondering how to get Avon customers online or how to find Avon customers in person, we hope our tips helped.

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