Find Out Why Being an Avon Representative Is So Rewarding

25 July 2022

With commissions going up to 32%, becoming an Avon independent sales representative is already quite enticing. However, on top of earning the commission, Avon representatives and sales leaders are additionally rewarded for their hard work and commitment.

Depending on the achievement, the reps and leaders can receive various rewards focused on opportunities, experiences, and luxury items. If you’d like to know more about Avon rewards, you’ve come to the right place. Keep reading to learn why being an Avon representative is so rewarding.

Avon Rewards Recognition Programme

The continuous innovation in beauty by Avon paints a perfect picture of how the company strives to operate. Avon is constantly finding new ways to reward its representatives for their fantastic achievements. The Avon Rewards programme allows you to unlock new benefits as you advance and hit certain sales milestones.

Avon Rewards

There are multiple benefits of being an Avon representative, and they only improve as you level up in the company. You can reach five levels under the Rewards programme, where each rep can receive:

  • Avon Rewards points to spend in the Avon Rewards Hub
  • Up to 32% commission
  • Sample and product packs
  • Free deliveries
  • Dedicated training
  • Recognition for growing sales

Here’s a detailed breakdown of what you can expect.

Bronze Star

Once you become eligible for Avon Rewards and make your first sale, you automatically reach the Bronze Star level. This level includes representatives who’ve made up to £249 in quarterly sales. As a member of this level, you’ll receive:

  • 15% Avon commission
  • 100 Avon rewards points for the Avon Rewards Hub
  • One free delivery per campaign
  • One sample pack

Silver Star

With the innovation in beauty by Avon spearheading each representative’s progress, reaching the next level is just a matter of time. To qualify for the Silver Star level, your quarterly sales should be between £250 and £549. This level will allow you to receive bigger awards, with some doubling compared to the previous level. As a member of the Silver Star level, you’re entitled to:

  • 20% Avon commission
  • 200 points for the Avon Rewards Hub
  • Two free deliveries each campaign
  • Two sample packs
  • Access to the Avon Training Academy
  • Being recognised for reaching the Silver Star level for the first time

Gold Star

The Gold Star level is the next step in this wonderful Avon Rewards journey. After hitting the £550-£1,299 mark of quarterly sales, you’ll be happy to know these rewards await:

  • 25% Avon commission
  • 500 reward points
  • Three free deliveries per campaign
  • One product pack
  • One-month subscription to the Avon Social Pro tool
  • Access to the Avon Training Academy
  • Recognition for this extraordinary first-time achievement

Platinum Star

Once you sell more than £1,300 worth of products in a quarter, you become a true star. A Platinum Star, to be exact. This level includes quarterly sales up to £3,499 and awards its members for their impressive work by offering:

  • 30% Avon commission
  • 1,000 reward points
  • Five free deliveries each campaign
  • Two product packs
  • One-month free subscription to the Avon Social Pro
  • Access to the Training Academy
  • Recognition for achieving the Platinum Star level

VIP Star

The amazing benefits of being an Avon representative shine through on every level, but reaching the VIP Star level is an experience in itself. Once you make over £3,500 in quarterly sales, you’ll receive these mind-blowing rewards:

  • 32% Avon commission
  • 2,000 reward points
  • Eight free deliveries per campaign
  • Three product packs
  • 3-month subscription to the Avon Social Pro
  • Exclusive access to the Training Academy
  • Special recognition for reaching the VIP Star level

Avon President’s Club

By now, you probably want to become an Avon independent sales representative as soon as possible and start making your way towards these awesome rewards. But, for those with an insatiable appetite for success, the rewards don’t stop here.

Representatives and leaders who achieve higher commissions qualify for the President’s Recognition Programme (PRP) rewards. Under this programme, only 7% of top representatives in the country join the exclusive President’s Club.

This club recognises your efforts and rewards you for doing what you love the most ­– ensuring the innovation in beauty by Avon reaches customers across the country.

As you achieve milestones in your Avon journey, you’ll unlock exclusive benefits and perks.

Bronze Level

Representatives who sell £7,000 worth of products in a year automatically qualify for the President’s Club and become members at the Bronze Level. The benefits you’ll receive include:

  • Unlimited free delivery
  • Discounted Avon brochures
  • Exclusive First Look offers
  • Access to a dedicated phone line
  • Quarterly product pack
  • £25-worth Love2shop vouchers

Silver Level

After hitting the £13,500 sale target in a year, you’ll be welcomed to the Silver Level. At this level, you’ll receive:

  • All the Bronze Level benefits
  • Personalised brochure labels
  • Additional £75 in Love2shop vouchers
  • £20 credit and access to a sales tool portal

Gold Level

Reaching the Gold Level of the President’s Club is a massive achievement facilitated by product innovation in beauty by Avon. After selling an impressive £31,000 worth of products, you’ll be rewarded with equally impressive benefits:

  • All the Silver Level benefits
  • Access to a dedicated email inbox
  • Recognition card from the General Manager personally
  • Additional £100 in Love2shop vouchers
  • Additional £30 credit to spend on the Avon exclusive sales tools

Diamond Level

The ultimate level of the President’s Club is the coveted Diamond Level. If you manage to sell over £100,000 in Avon products in a year, you’ll receive the following benefits on top of your spectacular commission:

  • Unlimited free delivery
  • Discounted Avon brochures
  • Exclusive First Look offers
  • Dedicated free phone line
  • Dedicated email inbox
  • Quarterly product pack
  • Personal recognition from the General Manager
  • £1,000 cash reward

In addition, 40 best-selling representatives will be whisked away on a luxurious trip, with the top three reps receiving VIP treatment.

Avon 90-Day Reward Programme

While Avon excels at recognising the top achievers, the company is equally as eager to take care of its new representatives. All new sales reps placing their order during the programme period are eligible to win valuable rewards through the Avon 90-Day Reward Programme.

The rewards include fabulous product packs filled with best-selling make-up, skincare, and fragrance products. The number of packs you can choose depends on the product sales you achieve. There are three levels of achievements under the Avon 90-Day Reward Programme:

  • Level 1 – Representatives who sell £250 worth of products in two campaigns can choose one product pack.
  • Level 2 – Representatives who achieve £250 in two campaigns and more than £1,000 of total product sales will be rewarded with two product packs.
  • Level 3 – Representatives who sell at least £1,500 worth of products in total and £250 during the first two campaigns are entitled to receive three packs of their choosing.

Reaping the Reward of Your Hard Work

Considering the innovation in beauty by Avon and how the company treats its representatives, it’s easy to see why being an Avon representative is so rewarding. Hardly any feeling can come close to being recognised and rewarded for your hard work. So, joining a successful Avon team will surely be one of the best decisions you’ve made.

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