More than a beauty company, we are a global movement!

28 February 2022

We’ve been doing beauty differently for 135 years. 

Pioneering in listening to women’s needs and speaking out for them. Standing for what matters to them. Supporting their endeavours.

We’re a company that connects people through beauty, sharing passion, innovation and expertise - affordably. 

We use the power of beauty to transform women’s lives for the better. 

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Our story
A history of championing women

Our founder David H. McConnell was a progressive pioneer, an impressive visionary, a courageous game-changer, and above all, a champion of women.

But he didn’t set out to create a beauty company. He was a travelling book salesperson who offered beauty products as a gift. He soon realised customers were more interested in the free perfume samples than the books. 

From a small New York City office, McConnell mixed our first fragrances himself, and recruited a team of women to be sales Representatives. 

It was a radical business model in 1886, but McConnell believed in the power of community, and was passionate about giving women economic freedom. 



Our Representatives 

A network of millions of Beauty Advisers

We believe in creating flexible opportunities for people to earn and learn; on your own terms and in your own way. Our Beauty Advisers are their own boss, with flexibility over their schedule and business goals.

Some of our Beauty Advisers are full-time beauty entrepreneurs, others are part time beauty enthusiasts, selling Avon alongside a full-time job, and some are simply beauty fans who want direct access to the latest beauty trends.

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