11 May 2020

My Very first Training YouTube video AND BLOG!!!

Growing my Avon business

As I grow my Avon business so many people struggle with sharing the Instant Messenger Brochure (IMB) which is in effect the Whats-app brochure.

I get so many questions like “how do I know the brochure is mine?” “How do I know what the link is supposed to look like?” “What is the customer experience when shopping?”

 So it got me thinking, how can I help people to become a little more Avon ‘social savvy?’ How can I help people to get their link out there and KNOW they will earn from it? How can I show people that Selling with Avon just got easier! The launch of IMB (whats-app brochure) is an amazing tool which all Representatives have within Avon and its totally FREE!

My idea to create a Training Video

So I thought, okay I need to SHOW people how to actually get their Whats-app brochure but also show them how the customer experiences clicking their link. I need to show people that selling with Avon just got easier.
So I sat and screen recorded logging into the Avon On app (the app in which you get your IMB (whatsapp brochure) and I recorded the whole process.
You can check the video out here:

Please take a look and feel free to leave some comments.

Creating the video

Well I have to say this was my very first YouTube training video! I looked up ways of sharing my screen in order to have me talking but to also be able to share my screen in order to be able to see my screen recording.

I must say it’s a pretty thoughtful process! Its not just click this, do that… So hats off to everyone doing it all of the time… I’m on my way to this point.

Anyway … I eventually got my app to use (which was zoom) and I had already recorded my screen recording, then it was time to talk along to the video!

If you haven’t used zoom you can have a look here for info about creating a zoom account and using it within your business! Its great way to keep in touch with your team, you can share your screen, record and so much more.

So I got going, prepped my area (it cant look untidy can it!) and I sat down. Started the recording and pressed share screen, recorded over the video and saved. YES my video was ready! Now time to play it back, check its ok and get it out there!!!

Sharing the Video

So iv recorded the video; first time. About to share when I realised the screen share hadn’t gone and shared the right thing!!! It was just me talking; not even showing the screen recording – but my own website!
I thought it was too good to be true!
So im off again… 3 times later and the video’s done and on YouTube. I shared it in my team group and my Facebook Messenger chat and wow im super happy! Some great feedback!

A lot of people finding it really helpful which is good. People are realising that selling with Avon just got easier with the launch of the IMB (whats-app brochure).

Hope you enjoyed my video and first blog. Keep your eyes peeled for the next one.

Ashleigh, Rep-wanted x

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