14 February 2021


An amazing launch from AVON! 
The fantastic new Unlimited mascara... It has up to 24hours hold and gives your lashes 6x volume!! 
Now me personally i 'was' a benefit They're Real mascara fan until i tried this new mascara. I loved how the benefit mascara made my eyes feel and how my lashes looked. But being a huge Avon fan i thought id try this and wow i'm taken aback! 

Here's what the product information about the fabulous Unlimited mascara:
'The sky's the limit with our 24-hour hold Unlimited volumising mascara for up to 6x lash volume** and 4x lift*. The Lift & Lock Triple Set formula lifts even the straightest, most stubborn lashes and the Lift-FX Brush is curved to latch on to every lash, to provide maximum lift from root to tip.' 

Seriously... It's true! Its the best mascara iv ever used!! #avonuk #mascara #beauty #avon

So what i did for my customers and people out there was create a little video on my social media to show that there is literally NO DIFFERENCE! 
Check out my video on youtube ... https://youtu.be/Yms-LELyJfM and see for yourself! 

If you like me think that Avon's Unlimited mascara looks just as amazing as it truly is then you can order here https://www.shopwithmyrep.co.uk/product/16308/unlimited-volumising-mascara?attach=16613876 

Keep a check on my blog for more product reviews :) 

You can also check out my facebook page https://www.facebook.com/ukavonjustbefabulous


Ashleigh xx

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