Start a Business From Almost Nothing With Avon

25 July 2022

Starting a business is not only a daunting task but usually a significant financial strain. Still, the freedom and independence that starting your own business brings is undeniable.

One of the ways to join the entrepreneur’s realm is to sell for Avon. With Avon brochures, starter kits, and excellent training, the beauty company helps you build your business without spending much.

But like with any new project, it’s vital to get acquainted with the basics and learn about the business model of direct sales companies. UK Avon representatives have access to the best tools to succeed in this endeavour.

How Does Avon Work?

Avon is a global brand that has been selling beauty products for over 130 years and in over 100 countries.

Their motto, “Make beauty your business,” conveys the company’s core values and reminds representatives and buyers why Avon is one of the most successful direct sales companies. The UK has always been a great market for Avon. It has phenomenal recognisability among customers and an advanced support system for representatives.

But what do direct sales mean these days? Indeed, the Avon beauty business model requires selling “door-to-door,” but more in the sense that you directly approach people with Avon brochures and offers.

Most Avon representatives start selling Avon to family members, friends, and neighbours, but quickly expand their customer base.

However, you can also sell Avon online. With the rise of social media and online shopping, it has become easier to sell for Avon.

Those with excellent networking skills can use social media platforms to post about Avon products and use Avon training to pique the interest of potential customers.

Another way to sell Avon online is to share the URL of your Avon online store and allow customers to buy directly from Avon’s website.

When you join Avon, you will receive a unique URL, and every purchase from that store will earn you a commission.

So, how does Avon work? The entire Avon beauty business model is a well-oiled machine. It was designed to welcome representatives with readily available tools for starting and expanding their business from almost nothing.

How to Get Started With Avon

The Avon representative application process is pretty straightforward. You will need to provide personal information and purchase an Avon starter kit. UK residents interested in starting a business with Avon have to go through the following steps.

Join Avon

Naturally, joining Avon comes first. There are several ways to create an account. But one of the best solutions is to connect with a well-established Avon rep and let them usher you into the world of Avon.

The application form requires you to enter your full name, email, phone number, age, address, and postcode. Before you order any Avon starter kits, you must choose how you would like to be contacted.

It can be a home visit, Facebook video, Zoom, or another video chatting platform. Keep in mind that only those 18 and older can become Avon representatives.

Purchase Avon Starter Kits

One of the most common questions about Avon is whether there’s a joining fee. The answer is yes and no.

There isn’t one general fee you pay upon joining, but as you need materials to get started with your business, you do pay for an Avon starter kit. UK representatives typically have the option between two or more Avon starter kits, which vary in price to accommodate any budget.

These kits contain Avon staple products that often don’t have an upfront fee. You can send the money to Avon once you receive payment for them.

So, how to order an Avon starter kit? That’s easy – as you join Avon, you’ll immediately get the option to choose from currently available starter kits. Once you select yours, Avon will ship it directly to your address.

Keep in mind that paying for a starter kit also comes with sales information, order forms, Avon brochures, and the option to create your online Avon store.

Besides traditional Avon brochures, which you can give customers to browse, Avon reps can also use the digital Avon brochure. It’s easily sharable via email, text messaging apps, and social media platforms.

Start Avon Training

All new Avon representatives have online training, which guides them through what it means to be an Avon rep.

You will learn about selling strategies, what to do and what to avoid doing. More importantly, you will be familiarised with Avon products and collections to help you promote them accurately and achieve more sales.

Build Customer Base

Starting a business with Avon offers many great opportunities, but it’s also important to note that it’s not a fast process. Building your customer base takes time, whether you sell for Avon in your community or online.

Most beginners focus on selling Avon products to people they know or friends of friends and slowly expand their client list.

An established social media presence can go a long way for those who focus on selling online exclusively. But even if you don’t have many Instagram or Tik Tok followers, with consistency and patience, your customer base will grow.

Benefits of Starting a Business With Avon

If you’re curious about becoming an Avon representative, but aren’t sure about all the advantages, here’s a little reminder.

In the UK, Avon commission rates go up to 32% and start as low as 15%. Furthermore, there’s no cap on how much income you can earn. Starting with almost nothing and not having a limit to how much you can sell is a phenomenal advantage of working with Avon.

Finally, there’s no inventory. Avon will ship products to your customers directly, so you don’t have to worry about storage space or sending parcels all over the country.

Being Your Own Boss With Avon

Many people want to start a business but don’t have an idea where to begin, so leaning on Avon’s well-established structure feels like the perfect solution.

Avon makes it easy to become a rep. From learning how to order an Avon starter kit to online training and digital brochures, you’ll get the hang of it in no time.

The only real challenge is building a customer base, but Avon offers excellent tools to help along the way. The sky is the limit with Avon, and there’s plenty of room for personal development too.

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