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25 July 2022

Avon is one of the most recognisable names in the beauty industry in the UK and worldwide. The company has been offering high-quality make-up and skincare solutions for over 130 years.

It has also revolutionised the direct sales approach entirely by helping many people find successful careers as Avon sales representatives.

If you’re interested in that, you’re probably wondering about Avon commission. UK Avon reps have access to a detailed Avon commission scale, which is precisely what we’ll focus on.

Apart from discussing how much commission Avon pays, we’ll touch on the process of selling Avon online. UK residents have several fantastic options to try.

Beauty Industry in the UK: An Overview

The idea of earning an Avon commission is undoubtedly enticing, as many have heard success stories from those who have sold countless items by talking about Avon beauty products. But before developing a winning sales strategy, it’s vital to understand Avon’s place in the vastness of the beauty industry.

Beauty trends come and go, but certain elements last forever. One of the ways Avon has managed to stay at the very top in the UK and beyond is by achieving a balance between what’s trendy and what has staying power.

If you look at any Avon brochure, it’s easy to see that the company pays attention to which products are popular at the moment.

They offer Vitamin C serums, Cannabis Sativa oil products, and a comprehensive lash programme. On the other hand, their staple products are also included, ranging from various lipstick types and colours and haircare to popular and easily-recognised fragrances.

Avon’s solid foundation in the beauty industry in the UK, along with the direct sales system, makes it the perfect partnership brand that can lead to lucrative commissions.

How Does Avon Commission Work UK?

Are you keen on joining Avon and want to start earning an Avon commission? UK-based representatives then must be aware of Avon’s commission levels and structure.

Overall, the highest commission you can achieve with Avon is 32% which is associated with their VIP Star level. If a client purchases £100 worth of product, as an Avon rep, you’ll pay £68 to Avon and keep the remaining £32.

But there are a few steps you need to take before getting to this fantastic Avon commission. UK residents can join Avon for free and choose one of the starting kits to get a first taste of the sales process.

It’s recommended to start small unless you have sales experience and a wide network of potential buyers. Regardless of your goals, familiarising yourself with the monthly sales plans and the associated commissions is crucial.

  • Level 1 – sales between £1-£99 with 15% commission
  • Level 1 – sales between £100-£249 with 20% commission
  • Level 3 – sales between £250-£999 with 25% commission
  • Level 4 – sales over £1,000 with 30% commission

Clearly, Avon allows new reps to get acquainted with the process first and move to bigger commissions one level at a time.

This straightforward tier system is the only way to sell Avon in the first three months of being a representative. After that, as long as you’re a Level 4, you can move on to the Avon rewards programme.

More About Avon Rewards Programme

The above-mentioned Avon commission rates are monthly-based and created for beginners. As you move through the Avon ranks, the company assigns quarterly rates.

Basically, all the sales you make are added up within over three months, reaching a rewards level or discount for the next quarter.

  • Bronze Star – sales between £1-£249 with 15% commission
  • Silver Star – sales between £250-£549 with 20% commission
  • Gold Star – sales between £550-£1,299 with 25% commission
  • Platinum Star – sales between £1,300-£3,499 with 30% commission
  • VIP Star – sales over £3,500 with 32% commission

Remember, when you collect the money from the customers, you keep the commission and pay the rest to Avon. You can either receive a giro slip and pay the invoice at the local Post Office or pay with a card in your Avon online account.

Selling Avon Online UK

“How much commission does Avon pay?” is naturally the number one question for those considering giving this business model a try.

But many might wonder if they also need to sell Avon products “door-to-door” only or if they can do so online. Selling Avon to friends, family members, neighbours, and acquaintances is the traditional route.

However, as times have changed and more people are focused on online shopping, selling Avon online is also an option. Some Avon representatives will find selling Avon only from home the best way to network and reach more customers.

How Does It Work?

There are several ways you can begin earning commissions with Avon by selling online. Unsurprisingly, selling via social media is one of the biggest avenues for Avon sales.

You can use any app you want to create an account on multiple platforms and start connecting with prospects. Customers can order directly from you after checking the Avon online brochure.

This option offers unparalleled advantages to those who are great communicators online and who have a decent number of followers.

Another solution is to create an Avon online shop and get a personalised Avon URL. All you need to do is forward the URL to a potential customer and allow them to order online directly from the store.

Avon keeps their portion of the profits and sends you the earned commission. You don’t need to distribute any Avon product by yourself as the company safely delivers the packages directly to the customer’s address.

Selling Avon online offers many benefits, but it’s also crucial to remember that reaching high commission rates will likely take time. The good news is that this is a tried and tested model, and many UK Avon representatives are very successful in selling Avon products.

Becoming an Avon VIP Star Rep

Reaching that 32% commission rate is the goal, for sure, and with little ingenuity, it’s something Avon representatives can achieve. But the first step is to understand how does Avon commission work. The UK offers a lot of potential for aspiring Avon sellers because most people have heard of the brand, and many have tried their products.

As with any sales that focus on commission, the results will vary depending on your starting point and the effort you apply. The first three months are crucial, after which you can join the Avon rewards programme.

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